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Providing our children with quality education has been a matter of concern for all. Consequently, all issues related to the field of education- both qualitative and quantitative- have attracted the attention of those desirous of improving the system. The Board of Directors of Indian Schools in Oman has always been at the helm taking on board suggestions and feedback from all the stakeholders. The new board is as committed as their predecessors to carry on with the many welcoming steps taken earlier.

We do realize that students stand at the core of any educational system. Unless all our endeavors are directed towards producing skilled, knowledgeable, articulate and enterprising graduates who are intellectually competent and morally sound, we will be building houses on sand and all our labors will be in vain. Thus, we need to aim not only at the intellectual nourishment of the learners but also at the inculcation of desirable values in them. We don’t want intellectually advanced Homo sapiens to bring to ground all that humanity has achieved over centuries so painstakingly. Again, we don’t want individuals who can merely fit into the society, but we need people who can make a difference to it.

This cannot happen unless we are ready to undergo the pangs of birth and at the same time stop conniving at matters that need mending. We need to identify the lacunas and create a state of the art learning environment. Teachers, parents, the governing bodies, the campus and its infrastructural suitability are factors that cannot be eschewed in this discussion. If we are to strive after excellence it is important to make everyone heard with trust and respect.We are here for convergence and progress to provide quality education at affordable price.


Wilson .V. George


Board of Directors

Indian Schools in Sultanate of Oman

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