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Chairman's Message

Dr. Baby Sam Saamuel (Dr. Sam)

Chairman's Message


It is said that it takes a village to raise a child. In a foreign land, away from homeland, family and friends, our schools take on the roles of a parent, a guardian, a sibling and more. Our schools have to be firm yet understanding; aware of the society’s need for academic growth but equally focused on all-round development; drive towards common goals but also open the doors to individual ambitions and dreams; and through and through be a steady source of emotional support for the child.

The new Board hopes to ensure this through focused attention, team work and centralization. There are some key areas where we would like to place extra emphasis during our tenure..

Principal among them is a 360 degree child-first approach. It is only when education enlightens the spirit of mind, intellect and body that we can consider it a wholesome, holistic education. Additionally, our schools shall strive to be places where teachers are respected for the sacred value that they bring to a child’s life; where counsellors are sounding boards ready to truly listen and mould young minds; and where our children shall be motivated to approach learning as a life-long process rather than an annual passage of time.

The primary concern of any parent is the quality of their child’s education. On the academic front, new initiatives shall be identified and implemented that can significantly improve core academics, enhance preparation for competitive examinations, and lead to consistent improvement.

But to truly make these effective, an equal aspect of quality education is making our children ready, open and eager for learning. It means a simultaneous readying of students & teachers - through a multi-pronged approach that includes enhanced intrinsic & external motivation for teachers; better teaching & learning criteria; increased role and presence of counsellors; and most importantly, making our children self-aware, self-empowered and in pursuit of excellence. From an infrastructural and managerial point of view, we aim to ensure the safety, efficacy and effectiveness of our schools, its operations, processes and policies.

An underlying, conscious and semi-conscious thought all through the coming years would be to acknowledge, accept and embrace the richness of the diversity & practice inclusion within our schools in Oman. Last but not the least we hope to carry forward the best of our predecessors - the fruits of their hard work some of which are already implemented since years while some are works in continual progress. Looking forward to positive change – the kind that comes from within all of us and takes us forward as one community.